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Cook School

Everything you need for the day will be provided – aprons, equipment, recipes and ingredients. You’ll leave with new skills, confidence, top tips and inspiration. The Ballintaggart kitchen hosts talks, garden tours, foraging and cookery classes which are suitable for individuals and groups up to eight. Friends, children, families or larger corporate teams welcome.

Saturday Masterclasses, 10am-3pm.

Ballintaggart masterclasses are designed to help you to master the basics and enhance and develop your confidence. £125 including light lunch.

Winter Dates 

18th November - Glen Lyon Coffee Roasters 

Local speciality roasters take you on a journey from bean to cup. Learn how to make consistently good coffee at home. 

Start the day with coffee and cake while Glen Lyon Coffee founder and owner Fiona Grant will open up the diverse sensory world of coffee, every bit as complex and fascinating as wine or whisky tasting.

Next, Glen Lyon Roastery's in-house barista and all round coffee aficionado, Conor Syme will take you on a practical journey through the different ways of brewing coffee at home. You will learn how to master the perfect extraction for our single-origin coffees through cafetiere, filter, chemex, aeropress and syphon. The course is very hands on and you will be getting to grips with all the necessary equipment, including using hand grinders and scales to play with the ratio between coffee grind and water.

Enjoy a wonderful informal lunch as part of the experience and finally, sit back and relax while Conor demonstrates the art of making great coffee through an espresso machine and chef and owner of Ballintaggart, Chris reveals some tasty coffee pairings and recipes that you can experiment with in the kitchen.

25th November - Stress Free Christmas - Last two places

Secrets to planning and preparing impressive menus without comprimising on flavours, presentation or sanity! 

9th December - Charlotte Flower Chocolate Maker

Renowned chocolate maker Charlotte joins us to share an introduction to making chocolate, foraged flavours, and edible gifts. 

16th December - Christmas Canapes and Seasonal Suppers - SOLD OUT

Beautiful, decadent canapes perfectly balanced with nourishing, vibrant Winter recipe ideas. 

13th January - Meat 

Beginner's guide to different types and cuts of meat, cooking techniques and secrets to the perfect ragu, roast and steak. 

20th January - Knife Skills 

The most important of all culinary skills. Learn to chop with skill, speed, accuracy and style.

10th February - Fish

Beginners' guide to Scotland's world-class ocean larder and how to fillet and cook fish and shellfish. 

3rd March - Seasonal Suppers and Salads - Last two places

New flavours, colours and fresh inspiration for simple Spring suppers and balanced lunches.

17th March - Bread

A chance to bake a selection of delicious loaves from scratch including focaccia and sourdough.

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